Anonymous said: oh you're backkkkkkkk!!!

uhm…. not really. You see, I currently am in Peterborough, England and have no internet connection. So no tumblr for me. SAD.

wanderlvst said: Your blog is a fantasy! It's so nice! x

thankyou so much! xx

mymum-madeit said: Hi! I love, love, love your blog! What i'd love even more is if you'd follow me in return.
I feel really annoying doing this but i'm a young fashion designer and i'm trying to get more followers on my blog for business purposes so i've had to resort to begging :S it's pretty ugly. But you should definitely check it out and as I said, i LOVE your blog, so I can't have unfortunate taste eh?? x

aw thanks and sure, I shall check out your blog right now xx

eatglitterbitch-deactivated2011 said: To Kill A Mockingbird is indeed a wonderful book! We studied it in such depth this year in English, I love it!

Yes, it is. To see the world through the eyes of an eight-year old is fascinating, unusual, moving and enlightening. What Lee has done is produce a piece of social commentary free from adult interpreations and prejudices. The world of old-time southern America is described to us with the unspoiled logic of a child, and the tone of the book is pitch-perfect and true throughout… 

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Anonymous said: Is the photo in your icon a photo of you?

ah, no.  
And I have no idea who she is, but she’s incredibly lovely. 

naturalrecovery-deactivated2013 said: Message this to any girl who you find charming, sweet and just simply admirable. keep the love spreading. ♥

aww that’s so sweet, thankyou xx

just--afeeling said: I really love your blog and it's so pretty and elegant
I am 15 and i think your blog is really inspirational :) i really like paris as well and i am really glad i found your blog.. i really love all the posts and i feel that i can relate to a lot of them. Like you, I am in love with sunrises and sunsets because they're so beautiful. i hope i will get to know you :):)

Thankyou. I’ve always wanted my viewers to get that kind of reaction when they go through my posts and pictures. :) xx