Why do I hate the human race so much

Wanna know why? Of course you don’t but I am going to say it anyway;

Because the whole world is selfish, immature, and just plain stupid. Nobody cares about anyone else, everyone is self-centered and only thinks of themselves. It’s like everything people used to value has just gone out the window. All our morals and values are gone and they are tarnished and we don’t care. We don’t want to do anything to get them back. Yes I am saying we, because I fall under this damn thing. I hate that I have to call myself a human so much. It literally disgusts me. I hate being stuck under that category. But, the truth is the human race can be so beautiful sometimes. It really can. The people who make me change my mind are the ones who love themselves and accept themselves, but care about everyone else around them. Just the ones who care. The ones who have morals and values, the ones who just know. I feel like I used to be one of them, but I lost that. I’ve lost all of that. I’ve lost everything I once believed in. I lost myself under all of this pain and I am stuck and trapped. I just wish that one day we can overcome all this hardship. I wish we could just see that we aren’t perfect, but we can make a difference if we use and believe in our morals. But, for some reason we can’t find it. I just sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong time era. I really do. Because I feel like I was supposed to be in that time, where we respected everything we had and never took it for granted. I am such an old soul it’s ridiculous.

But, all I’m trying to say is. I want our generation to realise how fortunate we are. And to use our heads and remember our morals and values and just love life and ourselves and care for one another. That’s all I want. But I don’t think it will ever happen.

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