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Social media and communication are like a vaccination: It’s both the disease and the cure. People have never been more visible and audible and yet more ignored.

It also works backwards people crave privacy yet have never been so uncontrollably explicit in communication. From Facebook, to twitter, tumblr, instagram, blogs, snapchat and other instant communication. From irrelevant pics of the food we eat to detailed insight into private thoughts and relationships.

My issue isn’t that it’s all possible but that given the option; could u bear to be invisible again, after living the glass life??

Don’t mind this ramble. It’s just a ramble. I’m in one of those moods where pressing down on keys sounds like a good time.

Isn’t it crazy how a person goes from one place to another? Usually ending up in a place where they didn’t see themselves. Life is such a trip. I wish I were one of those dedicated, do what you have to do sort of people. I make the attempt to do what I have to do but I can’t seem to dedicate to it. It’s a shame really. I’m turning into one of those people who don’t find any joy in anything and would much rather blog and tweet their life away even if they don’t have a life to begin with. Funny thing is I have things going for me. I mean I have friends,I have people that love me and I have a ”job”, but nothing seems to do it for me anymore. It’s as if I’d much rather give up everything for a few months and do nothing but sleep all day.

The only joy I find is temporary, thus it is meaningless.

elj2013 said: Can I marry your brain?

that would be a no lol x

Happy New Year! May this 2014 bring to you warmth of love and light to guide your path toward a positive destination xx

Happy New Year! May this 2014 bring to you warmth of love and light to guide your path toward a positive destination xx

Anonymous said: Just wanna hear your opinion....I don’t find black/asian people physically attractive. I have nothing against personalities one of my best friends is from the Caribbean and all that! I’m just not attracted to them at all, so would you class that as being Racist? :s

Well it isn’t racist (personal preference) but man, you’re missing out on something brilliant… I mean look at Chanel Iman or Rihanna. Lee Hyori or Park Bom. They’re gorgeous! And I swear God, I’d love to be mixed race! A little bit of that, a little bit of that & I’d be perfect…

People are so shallow nowadays. It’s not all about girls’ looks! What about personality? That’s what supposed to be important, not the looks. Women are objectified in today’s society. 
It seems that in plenty of areas of society, women are deemed to exist primarily for the pleasure of men…..

Just try not to be too shallow because you’re narrowing your options. I’m sure 
one day you’ll find somebody very attractive from different ethnic group and you’ll be surprised. As long as you don’t hold hate-ish feelings towards anybody, you’re not being racist.

Hell of a lot of women are attractive whatever their race is.. but m
aybe you just can’t see them properly through the two small holes in your white hood :) xo

Distance sometimes lets you know who’s worth keeping and who’s worth letting go.